Niti Ajit Hamlai

Managing Director

I am a Dreamer, with some dreams come to reality and others being worked on. My major focus is to manage and overlook the various companies that I lead from a strategic and expansion perspective.

With over 20 years of experience including tenor setting and leading businesses in Technology, Hospitality, Hotels and Resorts, Communications, Education & Landscaping throughout the Middle East region.

Education is at the corner stone of my beliefs of creating a society educated and knowledgeable to lead us all into a bright future. Education starts at home and has infinite benefits.

Little Gems goal in the next 5 years is to have International Level school in Oman and the Middle East Region.

My major goal in the next 7 years is to grow the Hotels and Resorts to 25 Hotels. This goal cannot be achieved without the team strength we have at our Hotels. We continue to look for talented people who can add value to us.

The services business, BPO plus have seen success and grown to a 2000 people company. The value proposition of the services industry is only in its nascent stages in the ME region. There are miles to conquer with young leaders focusing on their core businesses and shifting out the rest to experts.

OmGreen and MASÅRA will develop newer bolder living spaces in the region. Innovation is our Mantra. The soul needs Zen living. In the end it’s all about the atmosphere and happy spaces we look forward to… Money is not everything.