Research shows us that a child with positive self-esteem is more able to become a successful learner and a social member of a group.

Nursery schools are ideal places to make friends and develop relationships with both children and adults. This special social environment is designed to be friendly and fun and involves working together, sharing ideas and experiences. Development of social skills is a major part of our programme, and by following a thematic approach to the curriculum the children are given the opportunity for plenty of social interaction.

It is our duty to see that your child is a happy child being content and confident, to achieve this we have included activities like-

Painting :

Sponge painting
Free painting
Pasta painting
Blow painting
Potato painting

Creativity outdoor play

Construction play

Quite corners

Imaginative play

Play dough imaginative shapes

Flour paste play

Dramatic play

Doll play
Role play
Play figures animals and creatures
Farm and jungle animals

Block play / Manipulative and fine motor skills

Lego various sizes
Sand and water play
Simple cooking
Story time every day with music and tapes
Learn numbers and colours every day


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